Create My Avatar Updates to Work Better With Smartphones


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Create My Avatar Updates to Work Better With Smartphones


Popular avatar maker 'Create My Avatar' has been updated to work better with the latest Smartphones, in particular iPhone users will benefit more, including iPads and similar devices.

The new updates were made because of the increased use of such devices, the older format used Flash which isn't visible on some devices like the iPhone. Now Create My Picture uses HTML 5 which is accessible on all devices. 

Users of the avatar maker will now be able to create their favourite avatars on the go and share them much easier on Facebook.

As well as these changes being made, an additional Facebook 'share' button has been added. This means users can post their creation direct to Facebook with a click of a button from both mobile devices and computers.

These latest changes have been made to try to boost the popularity and visibility of the online app. The Facebook share options will give good viral exposure and the HTML5 conversion will allow more people to use the avatar maker on a daily basis.

HTML5 seems to be the preferred format when it comes to integrating Flash applications into websites. With Apple not allowing the use of Flash on their devices, it caused a lot of problems for many Flash publishers. Luckily, HTML5 seems a great alternative and there are easier ways of converting these days.


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