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Choosing an avatar and Fix avatar not showing up


Your favorite shirt is probably something that you wear often, something that many people will be able to pick out and know that it's yours. Well Avatars are very similar, a combination between your virtual face and your favorite tshirt.

Many people use photos of themselves as their avatars but some people will instead use their favorite band, character, quote, or even something they themselves designed. Avatars range in different sizes most commonly from 50 x 50 up to 200 x 200, but they vary in between and sometimes even larger or smaller depending on the website that they are displayed on. Some common samples of Avatars are the small square images on Facebook or any local forum you may frequent.

Finding a good avatar for yourself can be a pain, deciding what will represent you. Seeing as people will see that and relate it to you, often people even on my friends list when they change their avatars I would have to scroll through conversations to remember who they were. You'd be surprised just how important Avatars are, considering most people are actually very visual people.

It is often that if you make an avatar 200 x 200 that most websites will resize it, and even from there larger images can sometimes be resized down. If you are having problems and your image is not showing up, it is likely it was too big for the site to process, so you'll want to go into your graphics program such as photoshop, or gimp (free), or even paint! Resize it, roughly to 100 x 100 or even 200 x 200, if you know the exact size you need feel free to resize it down to there, then attempt to re-upload it. The image should now show up! If it doesn't, contact your forum or website administrator.

Something else that is important to remember is that most websites don't allow adult content, so don't upload anything that could get you in trouble! Examples of a good avatar would be anything from Johnny Depp or Sublime, an animal such as a cat, or even just something quirky and fun. Most places you can also upload animated avatars. Meaning an avatar or image that is moving, these are commonly GIFs and can be found on the net or you can make your own!

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