Cartoon Avatars Are Perfect For Shy People Using Modern App's


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Cartoon Avatars Are Perfect For Shy People Using Modern App's


Everyday we see a new smartphone app emerge which uses the camera or computers camera to video yourself for transition in phone calls messages in real time. In fact it seems people love ending footage of themselves or others instantly. This trend has taken over old text messages. How many times have you felt like you don't feel comfortable with this type of technology. 


For most people, they don't have a problem with a video being sent of a snippet of themselves but there is still a large amount of people who don't like or feel comfy being photographed or videos being recorded of them. This is where virtual cartoon avatars can help out. 


Imagine being able to record yourself and then quickly convert yourself to a cartoon avatar of say Garfield, your favorite cartoon character or a pre selected virtual assistant. Well this technology is more or less here. In fact Skype and other big companies are currently working on options to convert video to cartoon avatars for others to view. 


This has to be great news for camera shy people. Its nothing new really as people have been using cartoon type pictures instead of real photos for years. A good example would be on a forum or a profile picture where a user has their favorite cartoon character, their own cat or an avatar they have made online with an avatar generator


Using a virtual assistant to do all your dirty work is a great idea, plus you can design it exactly how you like it. This type of technology can also be used to convert speech too, as believe it or not most people don't like their own voices either. Soon way may just sit back and have virtual characters represent us on a daily basis for all our modern applications.

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