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Avatars of the Future


Home automation seems to be something that western society is naturally going to gravitate towards.  The trend of invention for convenience is one of the few constant factors of technological development since the days of the industrial revolution in the early 1800s in Britain.  Since then, most inventions that are destined for retail to the general public have somehow had the notion of convenience weaved carefully into them.

So now it seems inevitable that eventually almost anything in the home will be automated.  Our current living standards are better than that of presidents and Kings from as early as 100 years ago.  Innovations such as the washing machine, dishwasher, automatic vacuum, food processors, fridge freezers, etc, mean that we no longer have to do half as much housework or even have to go to the grocery store as often.  The more automated that things get, then the more reliant we become.

The sound of the home that calls you back

Home Automation is clearly going to go hand in hand with very high tech computer hardware and software.  The trouble however, is that no computer can adequately predict your mood, the state of mind, or your genuine wants.  This is the reason that most millionaires have a Butler instead of making their house automated technologically.  An avatar may be able to bridge the gap between a servile Butler who spends his time maintaining your home and serving your whims, and a cold heartless piece of machinery.

My butler is my house

The role of the butler is just one of many staff who are responsible for maintaining a home and taking care of the owner’s whims and wants.  But since no piece of software is going to be able to adequately predict the homeowners wants, needs and feelings, we would need to include human interaction, which is where the avatar comes in.

When I get home from work my avatar says hello

In order for your automated house to truly understand what you want, it needs to interactive you, and it would do this through the use of an avatar.  Modern holographic technology is not good enough to allow an automated home to speak to you as an applied and visible holographic human.  By the time that the automated home is in reality, then maybe Microsoft or IBM will have created usable holograms, but a simple panel TV hung on a wall in every room would allow the avatar to communicate successfully with the homeowner.  The insertion of a personality algorithm will also no doubt become very popular, because people tend to react better to personable and relatable software sprites. This is probably why they have human voices on satellite navigation devices in cars.

The evolution of the helper robot is extinct

What is the point of having a robot to do your household chores when your home computer can do it, whilst your home computers avatar asks you what you fancy for dinner. Before you put your feet up, your cooker has already prepared the meal, and you house is moving it through your room towards you whilst the avatar asks if you would like salt.

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