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Avatar Maker Creates Instant Avatars of Human Faces in China 

To top off the whole avatar craze, a new avatar type 'morphing station' has been on show at an art exhibition in Beijing.The China Science and Technology Museum which opened on November 1st has been demonstrating a booth which allows humans to walk in front of a screen, capture there faces and see their features transform into a avatar, that could be used in the film. 


In fact the technology behind the avatar generator booth was intact used to create the extreme unique looking faces in James Camerons film. 


The avatar creator caught a lot of attention at the show, many people were queuing to capture their own avatar look and see what they appeared like on a large TV like screen. Within seconds a face is modified and altered to create the blue alien like face with real human faces. 


In the same style as the film, noses are stretched, eyes become bigger and features exaggerated to generate the look that would not go a miss in the next Avatar film. Interestingly the morphs seemed to still keep the age and gender of the person being transformed pretty accurate. IE a child was converted into a young looking avatar character. 


Shi Danqing who created the device explained that every avatar which is generated is unique, a bit like a real face.  As it uses the features of a face combined with an algorithm to calculate where to fill and create feature on the character 


The previous version of the device was used by the film makers in 2009 to promote Avatar. Now, the creators say this version has many more possibilities and imagination. Shi teaches at the art and design at Tsinghua University'.


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