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Russian Scientists to Create Avatar Robot With Human Brain


A new project has been launched by a Russian business man which has similarities to James Camerons film Avatar. The ultimate goal is to create a human replica robot which is powered by a brain which can think, and perform human like operations.


Russian business man Dmitry Itskov wants to basically transplant a human brain into a life like robot shell which would have the same texture as skin etc as a real human. The end result is to create an immortal avatar robot which houses the personality of a human in a robots body.


Lead by a team of 100 scientists, early stages have started to take place, however it seems that they are still quite a way off the ultimate goal.


“It should fully resemble a real man,” explains chief designer Vladimir Konyshev. “It would be hard to tell him from a man both close up and from afar.”


At the minute, scientists have managed to produce a robot which can move around on wheels. The next step is said to create more human like actions to walk and perform movements powered by a human. The ultimate goal is to have a fully controlled robot powered by human thought. 


The full project is to take many years according to the company's website. The finishing touches are said to take place in 2045. For the next ten years scientists are concentrating on creating a replica human robot called Avatar.


By 2025 plans to create an avatar that will be able to house a human brain is expected to be complete. The idea is that the brain would be transplanted at the end of ones life.


Ten years later a further plan to create an avatar which has an artificial brain which can be programmed by transferring thoughts and information is planned. Finally in 2045 a hologram avatar is planned as the final stages.

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