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Avatar 2 Film Planned for 2015


For fans of avatar, the wait to see it just got a little longer. Originally said to be released around 2014. It seems things are taking a little longer, the expected year is now 2015 but some think it maybe even longer.

Its hard to imagine that a film could take five or even six years to complete but the massive project and work which goes into one of David Camerons movies are always unrivalled.

Many film experts seem to think it maybe even longer, even as long as 2017/17.

The graphics for avatar 2 are expected to be even more advanced using sophisticated technology which may not have been present in the last movie, in addition the budget will probably be more because of the huge response of the first film.

There's little to be revealed about the avatar characters of the next avatar but its thought that the same avatar look will be used, however the maker of the film Cameron plans to explore the oceans of Pandora. This will reveal a whole new angle to the film and reveal new characters within.

Originally the Avatar series was set to be a 3 part movie series, now Cameron is not ruling out a fourth one. 

As each film is released, technology in graphics to create stunning visuals will improve. In years to come I dare say that the final Avatar film will make the original one look rather dated. Who knows how long it will be until the last avatar film?

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