Asia's Richest Man Invests in Bitstrips Cartoon Maker


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Asia's Richest Man Invests in Bitstrips Cartoon Maker


One of the biggest social network crazes Bitstrips has caught the attention of Li Ka-shing (Asia’s richest man) According to reports he has invested into the Canadian company. The amount in which he has invested is at this point unknown.

Bitstrips has hit Facebook as one of the biggest trends this year, users integrate the app into their Facebook profile and create an avatar which is tailored to their own looks. Once happy with your avatar look, you can choose from many different scenes which fits your avatar into. Some are funny, others more serious.

Bitstrips also allows users to add text messages to further custom a cartoon comic. People then share their cartoon with a click of a button on Facebook.

Users of check out which cartoon they can fit their avatar into on a daily basis, this often suits users mood or relate to their behaviour or ways. Often they can appear amusing to other people who know that person.

Mr Li published a Bitstrips cartoon on one of his websites, his character were alongside two other people associated with him. He has a caption underneath him saying ‘Guess Who?’. The character represents a younger version of Li who is 85 years of age.

Bitstrips hasn't been popular with all though, many Facebook users have become irritated about  these cartoon designs branding them as annoying. For these Facebook users there is the ability to block Bitstrip content from appearing in their news feeds.

With their latest investment its likely that Bitstrips will improve with extra features and the avatar maker will probably become more advanced. Its likely that these trendy cartoons will be around for some time yet.

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