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Artist Creates Bizarre Finger Avatars of Famous People 


An Italian artist has been creating bizarre avatar representations in the form of finger tips with the aid of Photoshop. Famous Technology blog Mashable first discovered the artist and reported about it, since other major blogs and websites have published stories too. 


According to  Mashable, Facebook has almost killed the use of avatars, whether you think this is right or wrong, people still have the need to create avatars. Italian artist, who's blog is known as Dito has been creating famous Celeb type avatars from Jesus Christ to pop star kiss. 

 (Steve Jobs avatar)

Dito simply takes a picture of is finger and creates avatars of famous people in a cartoon like form. He uses programs such as Photoshop to help with the graphics and editing. 


His avatar designs are actually quite good, they seem amusing and fun. Apparently artist 'Ditto' has already built up quite a selection of famous celebs and public figures. 


(Mr T)

The name 'Ditto' is not the artists real name, in fact for those unsure it actually means 'finger' in Italian. His project started 3 years ago when he started using Facebook. 


Apparently Dito used fingers because says “you can’t hide behind a finger,” he explained to Mashable. He further explained that he used this metaphor for a finger not being a good hiding place to explain that people try to hide behind an image they create. 


There are many of these strange but effective avatar designs at

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