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All Three Avatar Films Already Written

James Cameron has revealed that he has already written the vast majority of the next three Avatar films. Instead of writing each script one by one he has written their scripts in one. All the scenes and settings of the next 3 Avatars use the same settings characters and creatures.

The final touches are said to be made in the next 6 weeks. We should be seeing the first Avatar sequel hitting the big screens in 2016. The film will have taken years to create and is anticipated on being the next major film hit.

The original Avatar film has become a film sensation and its characters, looks and designs have carved a new mark in history. The same actors are returning for Avatar 2, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, and Stephen Lang. The 3rd and fourth versions are set to appear a year later for each one.

James Cameron and his film Avatar has not only been a major film influence, it has created a brand and made the meaning of the word Avatar mainstream. People are now aware about avatars and their different meanings and versions that can be produced. It has also boosted many avatar related websites and made way for new avatar makers and generators.

Some of these let users create Avatars similar as the ones in the film. Others allow them to design a cartoon type face or person using a selectable application.

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