A Few Applications for Avatars


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A Few Applications for Avatars


Here are a few ways that an avatar could help us out in real life. In this article, the term "Avatar" in this article, means a being/thing that is created and controlled by humans; from the avatar profiles with pictures that we create for forums, to the biological or mechanical avatars such as in the movies "Avatar" or "Surrogates". FYI, telling you that the people in the "Surrogate" movie are avatars is not a spoiler. Unlike telling people that the boy in "The Sixth Sense" is actually schizophrenic and thinks his imaginary friends are dead people.


As negotiators in a siege


When the bad guys have the hostages locked in the safe with 20 pounds of C4 attached to them, they can send in a robotic avatar to smooth things over. They could even make it look realistic, like the androids in the Alien movies. They would not have to put any more people’s lives at risk, and the avatar's eyes could be used at cameras to have a good look inside the building.


As a crash test dummy


The problem with crash test dummies is that they to not actually drive in the same way that a human would. They cannot take a corner wonky, get distracted by a pigeon and accidentally stomp on the gas instead of the break. A robot avatar that is being controlled by a human is a great way to put the realism back into crash test-driving. The avatar driver could thumb his nose to his dad, when his dad told him that he was wasting his time as a child in the arcades. Just like a failed lion tamer who is eaten can thumb his nose at his dad, when his dad told him that he would never be s**t.


A remote service desk attendant


Instead of having to go to a building to get tourist information, the user could say hello to a TV that is connected to people in a call centre. They could talk to the computer and the avatar, and the person on the other end of the line could come up with the information for them. That way, one attendant could take calls from all over the county, instead of sitting in the office for hours with nothing to do (just like an honest lawyer).


To train marines


At some point there is going to be a company in Japan that creates a walking robot that can move like a human. These should be used as avatars to train marines. The robots could be controlled by real people but at a remote location. This is the only way that a marine could learn how to use deadly force in a real situation. Using blanks for bullets is okay, but what about knife combat or unarmed combat? And what about the stuff they don’t teach, like the bad guy who keeps firing even though he has been shot three times? A robot avatar could help them train in more realistic circumstances.

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