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9 Things You Don't Know About Avatars


Here are a few facts about Avatars that you probably do not know; each fact has a tenuous link to the previous fact. The facts are a mix of real life avatars and online avatars.

1 - There are too many online male avatar designs

If you were to take a poll of all the sites offering avatars within their forums or account profiles, you will find that there are (on average) more male designs than females.

2 - Women use online avatars more than men do

Men may be the stereotypical computer nerds, but women are (on average) more likely to sign up for an account that requires avatar usage. On the flip side, it seems that websites targeted at women will often install avatars.

3 - Female online avatars come with babies in Muslim countries

It is not uncommon for Muslim countries to have websites with avatars, and some of the women profiles have babies in with their avatar picture.

4 - People in India have belief in real avatars

Some people in India believe that an Avatar is an "Incarnation" signifying a divine essence taking a body of flesh; a body that is a condensation of light rays--free of any charge against nature. At first glance, Avatar seems like everyone but it does not cast shadows and leaves no footprints when walking.

5 - Some believe computer/online Avatars are an attempt to besmirch real avatars

Some believers in avatars (Hindu mythology) say that the use of computer avatars is a method of hiding the truth about real avatars (walking/talking avatars), and ask why Avatars are not instead described as net ghosts or simply as user profiles/images.

6 - Some believe that online avatars are not beyond reproach


In recent decades, some “beings” or organizations have attempted to discredit the Avatars in the public eye, passing rumors or deformations. The most common is to believe that the sexual morality of an Avatar is not without reproach. Both religious and non-religious spokespersons have said an online user should account for the things his/her avatar does online, including foul language and cybersex under a fake “avatar” name.

7 - Some Christians believe that online avatars are a test

Moving away from the middle east and into America, people in the bible belt claim that online avatars are there to "separate the wheat from the chaff," (as was stated by Jesus Christ). The belief is that the anonymity and new identity that avatars provide makes people act via their true nature, i.e. they stop pretending to be good people.

8 - Docetism implies that the most famous western avatar is 2013 years old

Docetism claims that Jesus looked like a man, but that his human form was a mere semblance without any true reality - therefore making him an avatar for the hand of god.

9 - Famous people use online avatars all the time

Though this may seem un-provable, NeoPets claim that quite a few local, national and international stars sign up for accounts on their website, and other websites owned by their company. They also claim that many times they will use their real first name for their avatars, although their privacy policy does not allow them to release the avatar names.

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