30 Million Avatars Created in Two Months


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30 Million Avatars Created in Two Months


Highly popular Bitsrips avatar cartoon app has seen a whopping 30 million avatar creations in the last two months. This latest application that has spread across Facebook has seen a massive surge in the last few months. These comic strip type cartoons have been invading peoples Facebook timelines for some time now. 

Amazingly, the makers of Bitstrips have revealed that they have not spent a penny on marketing. CEO Jacob Blackstock has explained that it was a 'soft launch'. No large tech publications fuelled it by write up's. It was simply the viral spread of people creating avatars on Facebook and sharing them. Obviously this gives them the best free kind of advertising available. In addition, the introduction of mobile apps accelerated the growth of Bitstrips allowing people to make avatars on the go. Bitstrips have become a hit worldwide too, not just massive in the USA, London, Hong Kong, Mexico City and others contribute to those many millions of avatars being made. In brief, users make their ideal avatar, fine tuning their own looks with a comprehensive avatar maker. Once this has been made there are many scenes and scenarios which place your avatar inside in a realistic and comical way. Phrases and words can be added too. Many new scenes are generated daily. Bitstrips cartoons have had mixed responses, some find them annoying and have complained about their Facebook feeds being polluted. According to Bitstrips, they hav'nt yet monetized the app yet, as they want to fine tune it first for a better user experience. Many expect in app purchases to appear in the future. They also want to develop the app for several other languages, for their international users.


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