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A unique Avatar generator to create an avatar for Facebook profiles, Twitter and more. Send out direct a funny looking avatar and make somebody laugh today. Create avatars which are funny cool and fun!

Avatars are growing in popularity these days. The term 'Avatar' stands for a graphical representation of the user or the user's alter ego or character according to wikipedia

lately, the use of avatars have seen a sharp rise on sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other social networks. With the rise in use, the need for decent avatar makers to create avatars has grown. There are several common reason for this.

The demand to create avatars has grown dramatically with the rising use of social networks along with the hit 2010 film 'Avatar'. It seems these two factors have brought the word into everyday use. It seems an interesting and fun concept to cartoon yourself.

The uses of avatars are endless, they aren't just for kids, many grown adults use them everyday and like-wise enjoy designing them too.

It's not always easy to find a simple to use avatar maker. Our avatar generator here at Create My Picture uses an Adobe Flash based application, this means it generates smooth flowing designs which stand out. Its easy to make a cartoon type character with a hint of amusement for avatar fans.

With Create My Picture's large selection of facial combinations consisting of different hair, mouths, chin's, eye's and Jewellery pieces, anyone who is in need to create an avatar can do so in the simplest hassle free way, that generates a quality looking design..

Once you have generated your ideal look and design, its as simple as pressing the 'email' button after entering your own, friends or families address.

The box where it says 'from your name or address' - You can enter your name to add a more personal touch if you are sending it someone else.

If you would like to take your Avatar experience to the next stage IMVU is probably the most advanced 3D avatar social network, where you can do just about anything. Members can create high quality 3D avatar designs to interact in virtual worlds, they have millions of members who enjoy similar interests and many people are hooked to their virtual environments.

To create an avatar you don't need too much imagination. Just let your mind run free and make your style. With our avatar maker you can select from many facial features. Don't be worried to let your imagination run free.

You can create avatars for your friends and 'tag' them on Facebook. This is a funny and amusing prank. Some people even take avatars offline and use them on postcards etc. There's really no end to the uses of avatars!

Some people even make famous people lookalikes too. Cartoon yourself today and join the latest craze..

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